IP6M uses Xinetd for some services needed by DOCSIS specification. The installer enables the following services:

  • UDP Time Server
  • Atftpd daemon


After installing xinetd  package:

apt install xinetd

time server can be enabled in the 


file at the UDP section:

# This is the udp version.
service time
    disable      = no
    type         = INTERNAL
    id           = time-dgram
    socket_type  = dgram
    protocol     = udp
    user         = root
    wait         = yes

setting the "disable" variable to "no" and restarting the xinetd service:

$ sudo service xinetd restart

Service can be tested with the "rdate" command:

$ sudo apt install rdate

$ sudo rdate -u localhost
Tue Oct  8 20:42:34 CEST 2019

Rdate has to return current server time.