Why Drupal?


Drupal version 8 is a leading content management platform, that has the following key features:

  • Content entity subsytem
  • User management with role, permission management
  • Configuration management
  • Rest API
  • Themeable user interface
  • Open sorurce
  • Large number of contributed extensions, big developer community.
  • Command line tools




IP6M installs Drupal instance under


with Mysql database. Installation is done with Composer and Drush.

IP6M extensions for Drupal are the following:

  • Modules
    • ip6m_core
    • ip6m_dhcp
    • ip6m_docsis
    • ip6m_voip
    • ip6m_testdata
  • Frontend App
  • Theme
  • Drupal configuration

Modules, Frontend app, theme and configuration has their separated repositories.

Frontend App is based on Vue.JS and Typescript, and has multiple use cases. It is a Drupal module that provides some user interface functions, and can be compiled with Apache Cordova as a standalone mobile application interface to IP6M.